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Cincinnati, OH, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 39.099233, Longitude: -84.517486


Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ach, David Lee  14 Aug 1917Cincinnati, OH, USA I15711
2 Ach, Ernest Malvin  6 Nov 1889Cincinnati, OH, USA I15705
3 Ach, Laurence  17 Aug 1914Cincinnati, OH, USA I15706
4 Ach, Roger Workum  7 Oct 1918Cincinnati, OH, USA I15712
5 Bernheim, Edgar Johnson  17 Mar 1882Cincinnati, OH, USA I15791
6 Bernheim, Elsie Dinsmore  4 Aug 1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15790
7 Bernheim, Samuel  Apr 1843Cincinnati, OH, USA I15640
8 Billigheimer, Hannah Waterman  26 Dec 1877Cincinnati, OH, USA I15616
9 Billigheimer, J. Elmont  24 Mar 1883Cincinnati, OH, USA I15620
10 Billigheimer, Rebecca Collier  1 Jun 1881Cincinnati, OH, USA I15828
11 Billings, Jack Ezekiel  22 Jul 1879Cincinnati, OH, USA I15619
12 Billings, Lee Workum  5 Aug 1876Cincinnati, OH, USA I15618
13 Bischof, Jacob R.  15 Feb 1860Cincinnati, OH, USA I15827
14 Bowman, Arthur Leopold , Jr.  7 Oct 1905Cincinnati, OH, USA I15612
15 Bowman, Gladys Y.  20 Dec 1908Cincinnati, OH, USA I15621
16 Bowman, Robert A. , Sr.  30 Jun 1902Cincinnati, OH, USA I15622
17 Bowman, Robert A. , Jr.  22 Jan 1938Cincinnati, OH, USA I15780
18 Burnham, Moses Ezekiel Roy  18 Jan 1879Cincinnati, OH, USA I15789
19 Burnham, Ralph Waldo Emerson  1 Nov 1876Cincinnati, OH, USA I16000
20 Burnheim, Arthur Stern  25 Aug 1877Cincinnati, OH, USA I16002
21 Burnheim, Hannah Ezekiel  22 Aug 1871Cincinnati, OH, USA I15998
22 Burnheim, Lily Belle  16 Mar 1873Cincinnati, OH, USA I16001
23 Ezekiel, Infant  8 Jan 1886Cincinnati, OH, USA I16013
24 Gottlieb, Marian B.  Abt 1912Cincinnati, OH, USA I15736
25 Iglauer, Ruth  6 Aug 1877Cincinnati, OH, USA I15694
26 Jacobson, Martin Luther  6 Nov 1872Cincinnati, OH, USA I15948
27 Jacobson, Walter Ezekiel  12 May 1877Cincinnati, OH, USA I15949
28 Mayer, Carl A.  4 Jun 1910Cincinnati, OH, USA I15785
29 Mayer, Therese  23 Dec 1867Cincinnati, OH, USA I15686
30 Murr, Anita  6 Jan 1905Cincinnati, OH, USA I15781
31 Myers, Jessie  7 Jul 1856Cincinnati, OH, USA I15734
32 Rauh, Albert E.  Abt 1909Cincinnati, OH, USA I15673
33 Rauh, Samuel Oscar  14 Feb 1879Cincinnati, OH, USA I15672
34 Rice, Anne  19 Jun 1922Cincinnati, OH, USA I15707
35 Samuels, Julia Rachel  26 Jul 1860Cincinnati, OH, USA I15647
36 Samuels, Seymour  28 Nov 1862Cincinnati, OH, USA I15675
37 Schetter, Jean  18 Oct 1920Cincinnati, OH, USA I19338
38 Schild, Julius Jr  15 May 1912Cincinnati, OH, USA I15862
39 Schloss, Jeanette Louise  21 Sep 1906Cincinnati, OH, USA I15613
40 Schwab, Herbert Charles  17 Jun 1885Cincinnati, OH, USA I15722
41 Schwab, Herbert Charles , Jr.  18 Jul 1921Cincinnati, OH, USA I15854
42 Schwab, Joan  26 May 1926Cincinnati, OH, USA I15724
43 Schwab, John Gabriel  26 May 1926Cincinnati, OH, USA I15725
44 Schwab, Nancy  Jun 1923Cincinnati, OH, USA I15723
45 Workum, Clara M.  4 Jan 1871Cincinnati, OH, USA I15691
46 Workum, David J. III  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15845
47 Workum, David J.  3 Jan 1863Cincinnati, OH, USA I15685
48 Workum, David J. , Jr.  19 Oct 1928Cincinnati, OH, USA I15729
49 Workum, Debbi  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15853
50 Workum, Delia  1904Cincinnati, OH, USA I15695
51 Workum, Elli  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15847
52 Workum, Ezekiel Levi  21 Aug 1861Cincinnati, OH, USA I15684
53 Workum, Grace  14 Jan 1873Cincinnati, OH, USA I15692
54 Workum, Hannah E.  10 May 1896Cincinnati, OH, USA I15721
55 Workum, Henry Theodore  1865Cincinnati, OH, USA I15688
56 Workum, Jeptha Levi  1 Apr 1860Cincinnati, OH, USA I15683
57 Workum, Julius Freiberg  23 Jul 1866Cincinnati, OH, USA I15687
58 Workum, Katie  5 Jun 1870Cincinnati, OH, USA I15690
59 Workum, Levi J.  22 Oct 1897Cincinnati, OH, USA I15727
60 Workum, Linda  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15844
61 Workum, Pauline  17 Aug 1894Cincinnati, OH, USA I15704
62 Workum, Sallie  5 Jun 1870Cincinnati, OH, USA I15689
63 Workum, Theodore  9 Oct 1875Cincinnati, OH, USA I15693


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ach, David Lee  16 Oct 1918Cincinnati, OH, USA I15711
2 Ach, Ernest Malvin  14 Feb 1956Cincinnati, OH, USA I15705
3 Ach, Laurence  12 Oct 1991Cincinnati, OH, USA I15706
4 Armstrong, Patricia Maxine  31 Jan 2004Cincinnati, OH, USA I15614
5 Bernheim, Elsie Dinsmore  30 Dec 1972Cincinnati, OH, USA I15790
6 Bettman, Aimee Louise  15 Jul 1990Cincinnati, OH, USA I15728
7 Billigheimer, Hannah Waterman  30 Nov 1971Cincinnati, OH, USA I15616
8 Billigheimer, Rebecca Collier  14 Nov 1974Cincinnati, OH, USA I15828
9 Bowman, Arthur Leopold , Jr.  28 Mar 1982Cincinnati, OH, USA I15612
10 Bowman, Gladys Y.  12 Dec 1989Cincinnati, OH, USA I15621
11 Bowman, Robert A. , Sr.  7 Apr 1972Cincinnati, OH, USA I15622
12 Burnheim, Hannah Ezekiel  17 Dec 1871Cincinnati, OH, USA I15998
13 Burnheim, Lily Belle  30 Mar 1873Cincinnati, OH, USA I16001
14 Craig, Robert Alvin , Jr.  13 Jun 2010Cincinnati, OH, USA I15624
15 Ezekiel, Hannah  3 Sep 1922Cincinnati, OH, USA I15637
16 Ezekiel, Henry Clay  18 Sep 1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15735
17 Ezekiel, Infant  8 Jan 1886Cincinnati, OH, USA I16013
18 Ezekiel, Jacob  16 May 1899Cincinnati, OH, USA I15635
19 Ezekiel, Yetta Waterman  14 Aug 1886Cincinnati, OH, USA I15617
20 Gottlieb, Marian B.  25 May 1974Cincinnati, OH, USA I15736
21 Herman, Isaac  Bef 1891Cincinnati, OH, USA I15674
22 Iglauer, Ruth  1959Cincinnati, OH, USA I15694
23 Johnson, Dorothy  Aug 1987Cincinnati, OH, USA I15713
24 Mayer, Therese  1 Mar 1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15686
25 Merrill, Robert Bagley  1 Nov 1974Cincinnati, OH, USA I15855
26 Rauh, Samuel Oscar  20 Jan 1972Cincinnati, OH, USA I15672
27 Rice, Anne  13 Sep 1981Cincinnati, OH, USA I15707
28 Samuels, Julia Rachel  22 Dec 1945Cincinnati, OH, USA I15647
29 Samuels, Seymour  3 Jul 1915Cincinnati, OH, USA I15675
30 Schetter, Jean  6 Jan 2006Cincinnati, OH, USA I19338
31 Schild, Julius Jr  18 Mar 1997Cincinnati, OH, USA I15862
32 Schloss, Jeanette Louise  26 Dec 1979Cincinnati, OH, USA I15613
33 Schwab, Herbert Charles , Jr.  27 Feb 1925Cincinnati, OH, USA I15854
34 Schwab, Herbert Charles  20 Nov 1969Cincinnati, OH, USA I15722
35 Schwab, Joan  24 Nov 1968Cincinnati, OH, USA I15724
36 Turrell, Bernice  24 Sep 1965Cincinnati, OH, USA I15783
37 Wertheimer, Edward , Jr.  23 Dec 1968Cincinnati, OH, USA I15671
38 Workum, Clara M.  14 Sep 1940Cincinnati, OH, USA I15691
39 Workum, David J.  4 Apr 1924Cincinnati, OH, USA I15685
40 Workum, David J. , Jr.  6 Jul 2002Cincinnati, OH, USA I15729
41 Workum, Ezekiel Levi  24 Mar 1896Cincinnati, OH, USA I15684
42 Workum, Hannah E.  25 Jan 1956Cincinnati, OH, USA I15721
43 Workum, Henry Theodore  21 Jul 1866Cincinnati, OH, USA I15688
44 Workum, Jeptha Levi  15 Sep 1896Cincinnati, OH, USA I15683
45 Workum, Levi J.  5 Sep 1983Cincinnati, OH, USA I15727
46 Workum, Pauline  26 Aug 1968Cincinnati, OH, USA I15704
47 Workum, Sallie  12 Sep 1924Cincinnati, OH, USA I15689
48 Workum, Theodore  30 Oct 1961Cincinnati, OH, USA I15693


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bowman, Robert A. , Sr.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15622
2 Ezekiel, Ezekiel Michael  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15655


Matches 1 to 74 of 74

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ach, David Lee  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15711
2 Ach, Ernest Malvin  1900Cincinnati, OH, USA I15705
3 Ach, Laurence  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15706
4 Ach, Roger Workum  1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15712
5 Armstrong, Patricia Maxine  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15614
6 Bernheim, Samuel  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15640
7 Bettman, Aimee Louise  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15728
8 Billigheimer, David Leopold  1878Cincinnati, OH, USA I15775
9 Billigheimer, David Leopold  1900Cincinnati, OH, USA I15775
10 Billigheimer, Hannah Waterman  1900Cincinnati, OH, USA I15616
11 Bowman, Arthur Leopold , Jr.  1910Cincinnati, OH, USA I15612
12 Bowman, Gladys Y.  1910Cincinnati, OH, USA I15621
13 Bowman, Gladys Y.  1920Cincinnati, OH, USA I15621
14 Bowman, Gladys Y.  1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15621
15 Bowman, Robert A. , Jr.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15780
16 Bowman, Robert A. , Sr.  1910Cincinnati, OH, USA I15622
17 Burnham, Ralph Waldo Emerson  Cincinnati, OH, USA I16000
18 Burnheim, Hannah Ezekiel  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15998
19 Burnheim, Lily Belle  Cincinnati, OH, USA I16001
20 Craig, Robert Alvin , Jr.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15624
21 de Castro, Catherine  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15636
22 Ezekiel, Esther  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15652
23 Ezekiel, Hannah  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15637
24 Ezekiel, Infant  Cincinnati, OH, USA I16013
25 Ezekiel, Jacob  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15635
26 Ezekiel, Moses Jacob  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15641
27 Ezekiel, Sarah Israel  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15650
28 Ezekiel, Yetta Waterman  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15617
29 Gottlieb, Marian B.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15736
30 Gottlieb, Marian B.  1920Cincinnati, OH, USA I15736
31 Herman, Isaac  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15674
32 Iglauer, Ruth  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15694
33 Johnson, Dorothy  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15713
34 Mayer, Carl A.  1920Cincinnati, OH, USA I15785
35 Mayer, Therese  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15686
36 Murr, Anita  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15781
37 Pepper, Hannah  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15661
38 Rauh, Albert E.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15673
39 Rice, Anne  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15707
40 Samuels, Julia Rachel  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15647
41 Samuels, Seymour  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15675
42 Schetter, Jean  Cincinnati, OH, USA I19338
43 Schild, Julius Jr  1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15862
44 Schloss, Jeanette Louise  1920Cincinnati, OH, USA I15613
45 Schwab, Herbert Charles , Jr.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15854
46 Schwab, Herbert Charles  1900Cincinnati, OH, USA I15722
47 Schwab, Herbert Charles  1910Cincinnati, OH, USA I15722
48 Schwab, Herbert Charles  1925Cincinnati, OH, USA I15722
49 Schwab, Herbert Charles  1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15722
50 Schwab, Joan  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15724
51 Schwab, John Gabriel  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15725
52 Schwab, Nancy  1993Cincinnati, OH, USA I15723
53 Turrell, Bernice  1965Cincinnati, OH, USA I15783
54 Wertheimer, Edward , Jr.  1926*1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15671
55 Workum, Clara M.  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15691
56 Workum, David J. , Jr.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15729
57 Workum, David J.  1880-1924Cincinnati, OH, USA I15685
58 Workum, Debbi  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15853
59 Workum, Delia  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15695
60 Workum, Elli  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15847
61 Workum, Ezekiel Levi  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15684
62 Workum, Grace  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15692
63 Workum, Hannah E.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15721
64 Workum, Hannah E.  1925Cincinnati, OH, USA I15721
65 Workum, Henry Theodore  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15688
66 Workum, Jeptha Levi  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15683
67 Workum, Julius Freiberg  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15687
68 Workum, Katie  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15690
69 Workum, Levi J.  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15727
70 Workum, Levi J.  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15638
71 Workum, Linda  Cincinnati, OH, USA I15844
72 Workum, Pauline  1930Cincinnati, OH, USA I15704
73 Workum, Sallie  1870-1924Cincinnati, OH, USA I15689
74 Workum, Theodore  1880Cincinnati, OH, USA I15693


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ach / Rice  23 Jun 1943Cincinnati, OH, USA F11263
2 Ach / Workum  29 Aug 1913Cincinnati, OH, USA F11262
3 Billigheimer / Ezekiel  27 Oct 1875Cincinnati, OH, USA F11220
4 Bowman / Billigheimer  1 Jan 1901Cincinnati, OH, USA F11219
5 Bowman / Turrell  Aft 1930Cincinnati, OH, USA F11227
6 Ezekiel / Bischof  14 Oct 1874Cincinnati, OH, USA F11241
7 Ezekiel / Myers  27 Feb 1894Cincinnati, OH, USA F11276
8 Ezekiel / Samuels  25 Mar 1885Cincinnati, OH, USA F11240
9 Herman / Ezekiel  10 Jan 1882Cincinnati, OH, USA F11242
10 Merrill / Schwab  28 Dec 1948Cincinnati, OH, USA F11270
11 Rauh / Billigheimer  5 Apr 1908Cincinnati, OH, USA F11252
12 Samuels / Ezekiel  7 Jun 1893Cincinnati, OH, USA F11243
13 Schild / Schwab  24 Jan 1948Cincinnati, OH, USA F11269
14 Wertheimer / Bowman  Cincinnati, OH, USA F11225
15 Workum / Iglauer  7 Apr 1899Cincinnati, OH, USA F11259
16 Workum / Mayer  6 Jun 1893Cincinnati, OH, USA F11256
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