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Westerbork CC


Location : Latitude: 52.9175, Longitude: 6.607222


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Marcus, Eddy  15 Jan 1944Westerbork CC I4053


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berg, Hugo  25 Aug 1943Westerbork CC I2556
2 Davids, Leopold  16 May 1943Westerbork CC I14772
3 Pabst, Klara  19 Oct 1943Westerbork CC I3903
4 Rapp, Carl  29 Apr 1943Westerbork CC I422


Matches 1 to 122 of 122

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deportation    Person ID 
1 Berg, Berta Lily  Mar 1943Westerbork CC I2557
2 Berg, Hugo  1943Westerbork CC I2556
3 Berg, Richard Werner  1942Westerbork CC I2559
4 Bodenheimer, Nannette  1943Westerbork CC I5093
5 Bos, Emma  1942Westerbork CC I9852
6 Bos, Jacoba Martha  1943Westerbork CC I4374
7 Cohen, Cato  1943Westerbork CC I14292
8 Cohen, Julie  1943Westerbork CC I14773
9 Cohen, Louis Simon  1942Westerbork CC I3478
10 da Silva Abenatar, Esther  1944Westerbork CC I14263
11 da Silva Abenatar, Marianne  1943Westerbork CC I14242
12 Dannenberg, Klara  1943Westerbork CC I2161
13 Davids, Alfred  Mar 1943Westerbork CC I2765
14 Davids, Leopold  1943Westerbork CC I14772
15 Davids, Martha  1943Westerbork CC I14905
16 de Hond, David  1942Westerbork CC I14358
17 Dessau, Henriette  1942Westerbork CC I3476
18 Dessau, Louise  1942Westerbork CC I3479
19 Eichenberg, Eleanore Lola  1943Westerbork CC I5248
20 Eichenberg, Harri  1943Westerbork CC I36
21 Eichenberg, Ilse Lucie  1942Westerbork CC I411
22 Eichenberg, Rolf  1942Westerbork CC I455
23 Eichenberg, Ruth  1942Westerbork CC I563
24 Eichenberg, Werner  1942Westerbork CC I1626
25 Emmerich, Hanna Ruth  1942Westerbork CC I13871
26 Emmerich, Hermann  1942Westerbork CC I13868
27 Emmerich, Juliane  1942Westerbork CC I13870
28 Ettinghausen, Betty  1943Westerbork CC I10269
29 Ettinghausen, Edmund  1943Westerbork CC I6106
30 Frankenhuis, Mary  1942Westerbork CC I3477
31 Fuerst, Friederike Rita  20 Jun 1943Westerbork CC I15271
32 Fuerst, Rudolph  1943Westerbork CC I15270
33 Gerson, Ernst  1944Westerbork CC I4099
34 Gerson, Ursala  1944Westerbork CC I4100
35 Grafenberg, Gertrud  1943Westerbork CC I402
36 Halverstad, Carolina  1943Westerbork CC I14264
37 Hirschfeld, Grete  1943Westerbork CC I47
38 Hochheimer, Johanna (Anny)  1942Westerbork CC I13987
39 Hochheimer, Liesel  1942Westerbork CC I13869
40 Hoxter, Benedict  1942Westerbork CC I15501
41 Jacobi, Frieda  1942Westerbork CC I15577
42 Jacobi, Hugo  1942Westerbork CC I2063
43 Jaffe, Gracia  1943Westerbork CC I5090
44 Jaffe, Ulla  1944Westerbork CC I7538
45 Katzenstein, Bernhardine  1943Westerbork CC I2132
46 Knoller, Carl  1943Westerbork CC I5899
47 Knoller, Karla  1942Westerbork CC I6530
48 Knoller, Simon Carl  1942Westerbork CC I6528
49 Knoller, Simon Moritz  1943Westerbork CC I5092
50 Kupferschlag, Friedrich Josef  1942Westerbork CC I13988
51 Kupferschlag, Karl Werner  1942Westerbork CC I14024
52 Landshoff, Kathe  1943Westerbork CC I15494
53 Leeuw, Gerrit de  1943Westerbork CC I14305
54 Lippers, Berthe  1943Westerbork CC I3973
55 Lippers, Hugo  1944Westerbork CC I9056
56 Lippers, Isidor  1944Westerbork CC I682
57 Lippers, Julia  1944Westerbork CC I3976
58 Lobatto, Mirjam  1943Westerbork CC I14256
59 Marcus, Carel  3 Oct 1942Westerbork CC I1704
60 Marcus, Eddy  3 Oct 1942Westerbork CC I4053
61 May, Mary  1944Westerbork CC I2708
62 Meyenberg, Regina  1943Westerbork CC I2436
63 Meyer, Ludwig Levien  1943Westerbork CC I4373
64 Montanhes, Abraham  1943Westerbork CC I14293
65 Montanhes, Abraham  1943Westerbork CC I14291
66 Montanhes, Abraham  1943Westerbork CC I14253
67 Montanhes, Abraham  1943Westerbork CC I14241
68 Montanhes, Henriette  1944Westerbork CC I14357
69 Montanhes, Imanuel  1943Westerbork CC I14255
70 Montanhes, Isaac  1943Westerbork CC I14251
71 Montanhes, Leendert  1943Westerbork CC I14254
72 Montanhes, Rachel  1943Westerbork CC I14247
73 Montezinos, Abraham  1944Westerbork CC I14320
74 Montezinos, Bianca  1944Westerbork CC I14356
75 Montezinos, Daniel  1943Westerbork CC I14285
76 Montezinos, Esther  1942Westerbork CC I14318
77 Montezinos, Esther  1942Westerbork CC I14287
78 Montezinos, Frida  1942Westerbork CC I14289
79 Montezinos, Isaac  1943Westerbork CC I14316
80 Montezinos, Isaac  1943Westerbork CC I14314
81 Montezinos, Jacob  1942Westerbork CC I14290
82 Montezinos, Jacob  1943Westerbork CC I14317
83 Montezinos, Leo Raphael  1942Westerbork CC I14288
84 Montezinos, Rachel Eva  1943Westerbork CC I14332
85 Montezinos, Raphael  1944Westerbork CC I14262
86 Montezinos, Rebecca  1943Westerbork CC I14355
87 Montezinos, Selina  1943Westerbork CC I14315
88 Muller, Alfred Aron  1943Westerbork CC I15493
89 Muller, Else  1942Westerbork CC I15500
90 Neter, Hartog  1943Westerbork CC I14248
91 Neter, Henriette  1944Westerbork CC I14299
92 Neuhaus, Arthur  1943Westerbork CC I14906
93 Neurath, Paula  1942Westerbork CC I6529
94 Oettinger, Elinor Chava  1942Westerbork CC I10270
95 Oettinger, Herbert Noa  1943Westerbork CC I10159
96 Oettinger, Josef Ralf  1943Westerbork CC I10271
97 Oppe, Hedwig  1943Westerbork CC I15267
98 Oppenheimer, Hans Felix Robert  20 Jun 1943Westerbork CC I15273
99 Oppenheimer, Paul  20 Jun 1943Westerbork CC I15272
100 Pabst, Klara  1943Westerbork CC I3903
101 Philipse, Betsij  20 Jun 1943Westerbork CC I19773
102 Polak, Friedrich Karl  1943Westerbork CC I2133
103 Polak, Ilse  1943Westerbork CC I5793
104 Polak, Julius  1943Westerbork CC I2435
105 Polak, Mathilde  1943Westerbork CC I2439
106 Rapp, Carl  1942Westerbork CC I422
107 Rosenthal, Moritz  1944Westerbork CC I7543
108 Ruschkewitz, Ernst  1942Westerbork CC I564
109 Sealtiel, Eva  1943Westerbork CC I14313
110 Seckel, Clara  1942Westerbork CC I15073
111 Selowsky, Karin Friedel  1943Westerbork CC I4976
112 Selowsky, Oskar  1943Westerbork CC I4965
113 Selowsky, Peter Heinrich  1943Westerbork CC I572
114 Stehberg, Martha  1944Westerbork CC I2092
115 Stern, Selma  1943Westerbork CC I15021
116 Tokkie, Kaatje  1943Westerbork CC I15578
117 Van Der Bijl, Jaantje  1942Westerbork CC I14286
118 Van Hertzfeld, Leo Hillel  12 Dec 1942Westerbork CC I19027
119 Van Hertzfeld, Maurits  20 Jun 1943Westerbork CC I19772
120 Van Hertzfeld, Reindert  20 Apr 1943Westerbork CC I19774
121 Verveer, Mietje  1942Westerbork CC I1248
122 Vischschraper, Elisabeth  1943Westerbork CC I14252


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Meininger, Walter  Westerbork CC I18828
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