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Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia


Latitude: 54.650000000, Longitude: 17.650000000


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chana  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I841
2 Rabbi Ephraim  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I848
3 Rosa  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I840
4 Behrend  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I877
5 Ephraim, Ignatz  13 Sep 1822Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I1276
6 Ephraim, Philipp  1817Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I1272
7 Ephraim, Seraphine  13 Oct 1820Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I1275
8 Ephraim, Siegfried  1819Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I1274
9 Ephraim, Yerucham Yoachim  1777Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I850
10 Israel  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I901
11 Israel  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I902
12 Israel, Henrietta  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I907
13 Israel, Philippine  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I905
14 Josephy, Yosef  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I887
15 Levy, Asher  11 Oct 1815Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5346
16 Lewishon  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I897
17 Lewishon  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I899
18 Lewishon, Gustav  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I895
19 Lewishon, Dr. Moritz  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I894
20 Lewishon, Yehuda Leib (Lazarus)  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I889
21 Lewy, Devora  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I580
22 Lewy, Eliakim Getzel (Gottschalk)  4 Aug 1780Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5340
23 Lewy, Esther  1778Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5344
24 Lewy, Frieda  20 Jan 1870Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I193
25 Lewy, Louis  6 Sep 1812Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5338
26 Lewy, Ludwig  23 Mar 1872Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I192
27 Lewy, Malka  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I582
28 Lewy, Moritz Moses Gottschalk  12 Feb 1816Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5342
29 Lewy, Moshe  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I583
30 Lewy, Regina Rivka  23 May 1878Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I194
31 Lewy, Rifka  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I584
32 Lewy, Sara  12 Dec 1768Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I579
33 Lewy, Yehuda Leib  1750Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5343
34 Lewy, Yerucham  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I581
35 Rosenthal, Dr. Emil  1863Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I199
36 Rosenthal, Moritz  Yes - date unknownBelgard, Pomerania, Prussia I198
37 Rosenthal, Recha Rita  1 May 1874Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I202
38 Yosefovitch, Rabbi Dr. Moses Elchanan  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I843


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abel, Suesse  1 May 1854Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5341
2 Ephraim, Yerucham Yoachim  3 Mar 1823Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I850
3 Levy, Jacob Asher  1835Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5345
4 Lewy, Eliakim Getzel (Gottschalk)  25 Mar 1847Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5340
5 Lewy, Esther  1835Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5344
6 Lewy, Frieda  1877Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I193
7 Mendelheim, Avraham  Abt 1860Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I862


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chana  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I841
2 Rabbi Ephraim  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I848
3 Rabbi Moshe  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I842
4 Rosa  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I840
5 Rabbi Yerucham  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I578
6 Abel, Suesse  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5341
7 Ephraim, Philipp  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I1272
8 Ephraim, Seraphine  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I1275
9 Ephraim, Siegfried  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I1274
10 Ephraim, Yerucham Yoachim  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I850
11 Gruenau  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I906
12 Hirschfeld, Nanny  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I190
13 Israel, Philippine  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I905
14 Josephy, Yosef  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I887
15 Levy, Jacob Asher  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5345
16 Lewishon  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I899
17 Lewishon  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I897
18 Lewishon, Gustav  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I895
19 Lewishon, Dr. Moritz  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I894
20 Lewishon, Yehuda Leib (Lazarus)  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I889
21 Lewy, Daniel  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I188
22 Lewy, Devora  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I580
23 Lewy, Eliakim Getzel (Gottschalk)  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5340
24 Lewy, Esther  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5344
25 Lewy, Frieda  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I193
26 Lewy, Louis  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5338
27 Lewy, Ludwig  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I192
28 Lewy, Malka  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I582
29 Lewy, Moritz Moses Gottschalk  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5342
30 Lewy, Moshe  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I583
31 Lewy, Regina Rivka  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I194
32 Lewy, Rifka  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I584
33 Lewy, Sara  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I579
34 Lewy, Yehuda Leib  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I5343
35 Lewy, Yerucham  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I581
36 Mendelheim, Avraham  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I862
37 Mosevius  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I892
38 Rosenthal, Dr. Emil  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I199
39 Rosenthal, Moritz  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I198
40 Rosenthal, Recha Rita  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I202
41 Yosefovitch, Rabbi Dr. Moses Elchanan  Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I843

Hebrew Death

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Hebrew Death    Person ID 
1 Ephraim, Yerucham Yoachim  20 Ada 5583Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia I850


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Rosenthal / Lewy  1862Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia F518
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