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Sao Paulo, Brazil


City/Town : Latitude: -23.5489433, Longitude: -46.6388182


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boas, Viviane  25 May 1950Sao Paulo, Brazil I332
2 Farias, Glaci  Sao Paulo, Brazil I19114
3 Krybus, Gershon  Sao Paulo, Brazil I3954


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Anna Florence  1960Sao Paulo, Brazil I1044
2 Arnhold, Kurt  9 Sep 1951Sao Paulo, Brazil I1125
3 Bernstein, Paul  16 Sep 1984Sao Paulo, Brazil I1064
4 Diamant, Florence Frykholm  19 Apr 1995Sao Paulo, Brazil I1047
5 Eichenberg, Anna Annie  16 Aug 1983Sao Paulo, Brazil I3608
6 Eichenberg, Clara  31 Aug 1954Sao Paulo, Brazil I5336
7 Freundlich, Ilse  2 Sep 2000Sao Paulo, Brazil I13917
8 Gomes, Maria Lisieux  1987Sao Paulo, Brazil I343
9 Hochheimer, Alfred  18 Mar 1968Sao Paulo, Brazil I13914
10 Hochheimer, Fritz  1988Sao Paulo, Brazil I13916
11 Hochheimer, Heinz  1 Mar 1980Sao Paulo, Brazil I13915
12 Leme, Dorila De Toledo  2010Sao Paulo, Brazil I1083
13 Levy, Edgar Friedrich  12 Jan 2011Sao Paulo, Brazil I1082
14 Levy, Emil Elias  12 Jan 1944Sao Paulo, Brazil I1043
15 Levy, Ernst Moritz  2 Aug 1999Sao Paulo, Brazil I1045
16 Levy, Eva  13 May 1997Sao Paulo, Brazil I1063
17 Levy, Gertrude  30 May 1953Sao Paulo, Brazil I1121
18 Moschitz, Georg  1964Sao Paulo, Brazil I1162
19 Reis, Hans Jurgen  4 Aug 1982Sao Paulo, Brazil I5128
20 Samson, Liselotte  1949Sao Paulo, Brazil I1496
21 Steinberg, Ella  4 Jul 1948Sao Paulo, Brazil I13913
22 Wolf, Lore  1983Sao Paulo, Brazil I5139
23 Zilversmidt, Helga Sara  9 May 1985Sao Paulo, Brazil I13923
24 Zimmerman, Else Leonore  8 Feb 1992Sao Paulo, Brazil I1123
25 Zimmerman, Emil  17 Mar 1953Sao Paulo, Brazil I1122


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Allen, Anna Florence  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I1044
2 Arnhold, Georg Gerhard  1951Sao Paulo, Brazil I1126
3 Bernstein, Paul  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I1064
4 Boas, Dr. Ing Ernst A.  Sao Paulo, Brazil I14
5 Diamant, Florence Frykholm  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1047
6 Eichenberg, Anna Annie  1938Sao Paulo, Brazil I3608
7 Freundlich, Ilse  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I13917
8 Hochheimer, Alfred  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I13914
9 Hochheimer, Fritz  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I13916
10 Hochheimer, Heinz  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I13915
11 Levy, Emil Elias  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I1043
12 Levy, Ernst Moritz  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1045
13 Levy, Eva  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1063
14 Levy, Gunther Ernst Max  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1100
15 Levy, Peter Michael  6 Nov 1936Sao Paulo, Brazil I1052
16 Lichtenstein, Herta  Dec 1936Sao Paulo, Brazil I1053
17 Reis, Hans Jurgen  1936Sao Paulo, Brazil I5128
18 Reis, Lieselotte  Sao Paulo, Brazil I3
19 Samson, Liselotte  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1496
20 Steinberg, Ella  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I13913
21 Wolf, Lore  Sao Paulo, Brazil I5139
22 Zilversmidt, Helga Sara  Yes - date unknownSao Paulo, Brazil I13923
23 Zimmerman, Else Leonore  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1123


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ellen  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1495
2 Allen, Anna Florence  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1044
3 Arnhold, Georg Gerhard  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1126
4 Arnhold, Hans Eduard  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1143
5 Arnhold, Kurt  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1125
6 Bernstein, Paul  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1064
7 Boas, Dr. Ing Ernst A.  Sao Paulo, Brazil I14
8 Boas, Viviane  Sao Paulo, Brazil I332
9 Diamant, Florence Frykholm  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1047
10 Eichenberg, Anna Annie  Sao Paulo, Brazil I3608
11 Eichenberg, Clara  Sao Paulo, Brazil I5336
12 Feijo, Elisetta Lia  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1069
13 Freundlich, Ilse  Sao Paulo, Brazil I13917
14 Gomes, Maria Lisieux  Sao Paulo, Brazil I343
15 Hochheimer, Alfred  Sao Paulo, Brazil I13914
16 Hochheimer, Fritz  Sao Paulo, Brazil I13916
17 Hochheimer, Heinz  Sao Paulo, Brazil I13915
18 Krybus, Gershon  Sao Paulo, Brazil I3954
19 Leme, Dorila De Toledo  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1083
20 Levy, Edgar Friedrich  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1082
21 Levy, Emil Elias  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1043
22 Levy, Ernst Moritz  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1045
23 Levy, Eva  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1063
24 Levy, Gertrude  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1121
25 Levy, Gunther Ernst Max  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1100
26 Maria, Sandra  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1151
27 Moschitz, Georg  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1162
28 Reis, Dr. Curt  Sao Paulo, Brazil I5356
29 Reis, Hans Jurgen  Sao Paulo, Brazil I5128
30 Reis, Lieselotte  Sao Paulo, Brazil I3
31 Samson, Liselotte  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1496
32 Steinberg, Ella  Sao Paulo, Brazil I13913
33 Trout, Jackie Knox  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1117
34 Wolf, Lore  Sao Paulo, Brazil I5139
35 Zilversmidt, Helga Sara  Sao Paulo, Brazil I13923
36 Zimmerman, Else Leonore  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1123
37 Zimmerman, Emil  Sao Paulo, Brazil I1122


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ascoli / Pistacini  1851Sao Paulo, Brazil F4489
2 Levy / Lichtenstein  22 Dec 1936Sao Paulo, Brazil F564
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