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Montreal, QC, Canada



City/Town : Latitude: 45.545447, Longitude: -73.639076


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barg, Dena  20 Feb 1932Montreal, QC, Canada I7928
2 Barg, Helen  14 Mar 1936Montreal, QC, Canada I7936
3 Barg, Dr. Israel  24 Nov 1933Montreal, QC, Canada I5269
4 Barg, Rosalyn  1937Montreal, QC, Canada I7935
5 de Sola, Aaron David Meldola  22 Nov 1853Montreal, QC, Canada I19610
6 de Sola, Clarence  15 Aug 1858Montreal, QC, Canada I19602
7 de Sola, Esther  9 Aug 1910Montreal, QC, Canada I19609
8 de Sola, Gabriel  13 Mar 1907Montreal, QC, Canada I19607
9 de Sola, Jessica  26 Nov 1904Montreal, QC, Canada I19608
10 de Sola, Rachel Judith  21 Jan 1855Montreal, QC, Canada I19611
11 de Sola, Raphael David  15 Aug 1902Montreal, QC, Canada I19606
12 Levincrown, Gertrude  4 Aug 1908Montreal, QC, Canada I7848
13 Lis, Judy  1 Mar 1935Montreal, QC, Canada I7850
14 Oppe, James Stephen  May 1911Montreal, QC, Canada I5508
15 Ostro, Dr Edward  21 Mar 1928Montreal, QC, Canada I357
16 Platt, Oscar  15 Dec 1932Montreal, QC, Canada I7938
17 Samuel, Jacob  1852Montreal, QC, Canada I19052
18 Shuster, Abraham  8 Nov 1928Montreal, QC, Canada I7851
19 Shuster, Ian Neil  24 Oct 1961Montreal, QC, Canada I7852
20 Solomon, Robert  Montreal, QC, Canada I7949
21 Stephen, Sarah Jackson  17 Mar 1878Montreal, QC, Canada I5506
22 Stephens, John Stephen  2 Jan 1908Montreal, QC, Canada I5507
23 Taran, Eleanor  18 May 1943Montreal, QC, Canada I7858


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ascoli, Laurent Guy  20 Sep 2012Montreal, QC, Canada I7725
2 Barg, David  20 Aug 1993Montreal, QC, Canada I5216
3 Barg, Dena  29 Oct 1979Montreal, QC, Canada I7928
4 Barg, Helen  27 Nov 2007Montreal, QC, Canada I7936
5 Barg, Dr. Israel  27 Aug 2007Montreal, QC, Canada I5269
6 Barg, Louis  3 Jan 1983Montreal, QC, Canada I1489
7 Barg, Myer  Nov 1957Montreal, QC, Canada I1488
8 Barg, Rosalyn  25 Jul 2004Montreal, QC, Canada I7935
9 Blacher, Bella  27 Nov 1970Montreal, QC, Canada I7843
10 Caron, Reva  4 Dec 2001Montreal, QC, Canada I7866
11 Cohen, Siman Tov "Sam"  1 Jan 2008Montreal, QC, Canada I4314
12 de Sola, Gabriel  17 Feb 1931Montreal, QC, Canada I19607
13 Eichenberg, Mathilde Hilde  30 Nov 1980Montreal, QC, Canada I277
14 Frankel, Charles  29 Mar 1982Montreal, QC, Canada I322
15 Goldsmith, Belle Maud  18 Oct 1965Montreal, QC, Canada I19603
16 Gossack, Ida Bella  21 Oct 1977Montreal, QC, Canada I7918
17 Levincrown, Gertrude  28 Dec 1979Montreal, QC, Canada I7848
18 Lis, Abraham Julius  31 Mar 1934Montreal, QC, Canada I7842
19 Lis, Benjamin  6 Dec 1976Montreal, QC, Canada I7845
20 Lis, David  12 Dec 1968Montreal, QC, Canada I7844
21 Lis, Judy  13 Jan 1972Montreal, QC, Canada I7850
22 Lis, Lilly  10 Jan 2005Montreal, QC, Canada I7846
23 Maduro, Blanche  19 Jun 1996Montreal, QC, Canada I9912
24 O’Connor, Rory  5 Nov 2009Montreal, QC, Canada I8161
25 Platt, Oscar  18 Apr 2018Montreal, QC, Canada I7938
26 Rappaport, Lilly  May 1979Montreal, QC, Canada I7917
27 Shuster, Abraham  6 Jun 1985Montreal, QC, Canada I7851
28 Shuster, Ian Neil  28 Nov 2007Montreal, QC, Canada I7852
29 Spector, Donald  Montreal, QC, Canada I8179
30 Stephens, Ian  22 Mar 1996Montreal, QC, Canada I15045
31 Stephens, John Stephen  12 Dec 2005Montreal, QC, Canada I5507
32 Taran, Abe  12 Jun 1972Montreal, QC, Canada I7856
33 Taran, Eleanor  3 Sep 2014Montreal, QC, Canada I7858
34 Turner, Ruby Grace  26 Dec 2003Montreal, QC, Canada I8158


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 de Sola, Rabbi Abraham  Montreal, QC, Canada I19573
2 de Sola, Clarence  Montreal, QC, Canada I19602
3 Lis, Sarah  Montreal, QC, Canada I4953


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Ascoli, Gabrielle Marie Therese  Mar 1945Montreal, QC, Canada I8164
2 Ascoli, Rose-Marie  Mar 1945Montreal, QC, Canada I7726
3 Barg, David  1927Montreal, QC, Canada I5216
4 Barg, Louis  Yes - date unknownMontreal, QC, Canada I1489
5 Caron, Reva  1927Montreal, QC, Canada I7866
6 Cohen, Siman Tov "Sam"  UnknownMontreal, QC, Canada I4314
7 de Sola, Rabbi Abraham  Montreal, QC, Canada I19573
8 Eichenberg, Mathilde Hilde  1952Montreal, QC, Canada I277
9 Frankel, Charles  1952Montreal, QC, Canada I322
10 Gossack, Ida Bella  Yes - date unknownMontreal, QC, Canada I7918
11 Rappaport, Lilly  1923Montreal, QC, Canada I7917


Matches 1 to 50 of 59

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ascoli, Gabrielle Marie Therese  Montreal, QC, Canada I8164
2 Ascoli, Laurent Guy  Montreal, QC, Canada I7725
3 Ascoli, Marguerite-Marie  1940-1951Montreal, QC, Canada I8159
4 Ascoli, Marie Gladys  Montreal, QC, Canada I7683
5 Ascoli, Marie Therese  Montreal, QC, Canada I8162
6 Ascoli, Rene Edouard Marcus  Montreal, QC, Canada I8156
7 Ascoli, Rose-Marie  Montreal, QC, Canada I7726
8 Barg, David  Montreal, QC, Canada I5216
9 Barg, Dena  1932-1979Montreal, QC, Canada I7928
10 Barg, Helen  1936-2007Montreal, QC, Canada I7936
11 Barg, Dr. Israel  1933-2007Montreal, QC, Canada I5269
12 Barg, Louis  Montreal, QC, Canada I1489
13 Barg, Myer  Montreal, QC, Canada I1488
14 Barg, Rosalyn  1937-2004Montreal, QC, Canada I7935
15 Bedard, Monique  Montreal, QC, Canada I7916
16 Blacher, Bella  Montreal, QC, Canada I7843
17 Blank, Dr. Fritz  Dec 1950-July 1962Montreal, QC, Canada I8024
18 Caron, Bruno  Montreal, QC, Canada I14086
19 Caron, Reva  Montreal, QC, Canada I7866
20 Cohen, Siman Tov "Sam"  Montreal, QC, Canada I4314
21 de Sola, Rabbi Abraham  Montreal, QC, Canada I19573
22 de Sola, Clarence  Montreal, QC, Canada I19602
23 Eichenberg, Mathilde Hilde  1952-1980Montreal, QC, Canada I277
24 Frankel, Charles  1952-1982Montreal, QC, Canada I322
25 Goldsmith, Belle Maud  Montreal, QC, Canada I19603
26 Gossack, Ida Bella  Montreal, QC, Canada I7918
27 Granger, Carole  Montreal, QC, Canada I10078
28 Jeaurond, Roland  Montreal, QC, Canada I8178
29 Klein, Ruth  December 1950-July 1962Montreal, QC, Canada I8025
30 Levincrown, Gertrude  Montreal, QC, Canada I7848
31 Lis, Abraham Julius  Montreal, QC, Canada I7842
32 Lis, Benjamin  Montreal, QC, Canada I7845
33 Lis, David  Montreal, QC, Canada I7844
34 Lis, Judy  1935-1972Montreal, QC, Canada I7850
35 Lis, Lilly  Montreal, QC, Canada I7846
36 Lis, Ronya  Montreal, QC, Canada I7847
37 Lis, Sarah  1927-1992Montreal, QC, Canada I4953
38 Maduro, Blanche  Yes - date unknownMontreal, QC, Canada I9912
39 Mergel, Jakob  Montreal, QC, Canada I9968
40 Molson, Betty  Montreal, QC, Canada I15039
41 O’Connor, Rory  Montreal, QC, Canada I8161
42 Oppe, James Stephen  Montreal, QC, Canada I5508
43 Oppe, Kathryn Anne  Montreal, QC, Canada I15046
44 Oral, Olivia  Montreal, QC, Canada I9970
45 Ostro, Dr Edward  1928-1994Montreal, QC, Canada I357
46 Platt, Oscar  1932 to presentMontreal, QC, Canada I7938
47 Rappaport, Lilly  Montreal, QC, Canada I7917
48 Selinger, Dr. Usher Zelig  Montreal, QC, Canada I7862
49 Shuster, Abraham  1928-1985Montreal, QC, Canada I7851
50 Shuster, Ian Neil  Montreal, QC, Canada I7852

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Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barg / Gossack  7 Jun 1931Montreal, QC, Canada F2406
2 Barg / Lis  24 Dec 1932Montreal, QC, Canada F1697
3 Barg / Rappaport  7 Apr 1929Montreal, QC, Canada F2405
4 de Grave / Ascoli  17 Sep 1960Montreal, QC, Canada F5505
5 de Sola / Joseph  30 Jun 1852Montreal, QC, Canada F14019
6 Greene / Ascoli  12 Jun 1965Montreal, QC, Canada F5802
7 Jeaurond / Ascoli  26 Apr 1969Montreal, QC, Canada F5496
8 Lis / Caron  29 May 1941Montreal, QC, Canada F5593
9 Lis / Levincrown  8 Jul 1933Montreal, QC, Canada F5592
10 O’Connor / Ascoli  18 Jun 1955Montreal, QC, Canada F5800
11 Oppe / Stephen  15 Jan 1907Montreal, QC, Canada F2012
12 Patterson / Ascoli  28 Jun 1952Montreal, QC, Canada F5801
13 Platt / Barg  4 Dec 1955Montreal, QC, Canada F5651
14 Selinger / Lis  25 May 1934Montreal, QC, Canada F5595
15 Shuster / Lis  20 May 1956Montreal, QC, Canada F5597
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