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Guatemala City, Guatemala



City/Town : Latitude: 14.624795, Longitude: -90.532818


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wasem, Maria Christina Dolores  23 Mar 1866Guatemala City, Guatemala I6082
2 Tielemans, Werner  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6687
3 Tielemans, Juan Carlos  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6686
4 Spillari, Regina  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6614
5 Padilla, Crista  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6611
6 Montt, Victoria Pineda  9 Nov 1879Guatemala City, Guatemala I6506
7 Kol  Guatemala City, Guatemala I15166
8 Fenton, Frank Charles  14 Sep 1898Guatemala City, Guatemala I18718
9 Fenton, Bettina Elizabeth  23 Aug 1897Guatemala City, Guatemala I18719
10 Bock, Juan  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6623
11 Berkowitz, Joseph Ronald “Rony”  1 Mar 1935Guatemala City, Guatemala I6070
12 Berkowitz, Isidoro  9 Jan 1900Guatemala City, Guatemala I6054
13 Ascoli, Dr. Werner Fritz  16 Apr 1927Guatemala City, Guatemala I6343
14 Ascoli, Suzanne  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6616
15 Ascoli, Stephanie  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6610
16 Ascoli, Samuel  1894Guatemala City, Guatemala I6714
17 Ascoli, Rodolfo Heinrich  19 Feb 1920Guatemala City, Guatemala I6269
18 Ascoli, Oscar  5 Nov 1885Guatemala City, Guatemala I6365
19 Ascoli, Melanie  21 Dec 1892Guatemala City, Guatemala I6712
20 Ascoli, Melanie  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6609
21 Ascoli, Maria Luisa  9 Dec 1887Guatemala City, Guatemala I6363
22 Ascoli, Kimberely  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6617
23 Ascoli, Karen  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6608
24 Ascoli, Ingeborg Carmen  25 Apr 1918Guatemala City, Guatemala I6284
25 Ascoli, Hans Eduardo  2 Sep 1914Guatemala City, Guatemala I6253
26 Ascoli, Hanna Senta  7 Oct 1942Guatemala City, Guatemala I6673
27 Ascoli, Franz  1886Guatemala City, Guatemala I6366
28 Ascoli, Enrique  24 Jun 1889Guatemala City, Guatemala I6709
29 Ascoli, Elisa  24 Jan 1890Guatemala City, Guatemala I6710
30 Ascoli, Eduardo  7 Aug 1883Guatemala City, Guatemala I6268
31 Ascoli, Anelisse  13 Oct 1915Guatemala City, Guatemala I6283


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wasem, Maria Christina Dolores  20 Jun 1941Guatemala City, Guatemala I6082
2 Tielemans, Roberto  1984Guatemala City, Guatemala I6685
3 Kandt, Gunther Friedrich Wilhelm  28 Apr 1968Guatemala City, Guatemala I6298
4 Joerdens, Johann August Friedrich Ludwig  1953Guatemala City, Guatemala I6713
5 Joerdens, Irmi Christine  2 Oct 2007Guatemala City, Guatemala I6024
6 Hartleben, Eberhard Hans Erich  7 Sep 1994Guatemala City, Guatemala I6092
7 de Sola, Ernesto  10 Sep 1993Guatemala City, Guatemala I8763
8 Caceres, Amalia  12 Oct 2007Guatemala City, Guatemala I6254
9 Berndt, Ruth Rose  1997Guatemala City, Guatemala I1075
10 Berkowitz, Joseph Ronald “Rony”  10 Dec 2015Guatemala City, Guatemala I6070
11 Berkowitz, Isidoro  6 Sep 1962Guatemala City, Guatemala I6054
12 Barentin, Dorothy Lydia  8 Nov 2005Guatemala City, Guatemala I6344
13 Bantz, Senta Frida Julia  25 May 1974Guatemala City, Guatemala I6271
14 Ascoli, Dr. Werner Fritz  Yes - date unknown 2000Guatemala City, Guatemala I6343
15 Ascoli, Samuel  1894Guatemala City, Guatemala I6714
16 Ascoli, Rodolfo Heinrich  24 Mar 2004Guatemala City, Guatemala I6269
17 Ascoli, Melanie  26 Aug 1979Guatemala City, Guatemala I6712
18 Ascoli, Ingeborg Carmen  28 May 1987Guatemala City, Guatemala I6284
19 Ascoli, Hans Eduardo  9 Jul 1996Guatemala City, Guatemala I6253
20 Ascoli, Hanna Senta  10 Jan 1999Guatemala City, Guatemala I6673
21 Ascoli, Franz  1900Guatemala City, Guatemala I6366
22 Ascoli, Edwina  12 Dec 1995Guatemala City, Guatemala I6022
23 Ascoli, Eduardo  1934Guatemala City, Guatemala I6268
24 Ascoli, Anelisse  15 Jan 1989Guatemala City, Guatemala I6283


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Schilling, Elsa  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6637
2 Kandt, Gunther Friedrich Wilhelm  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6298
3 Bantz, Senta Frida Julia  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6271
4 Ascoli, Samuel  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala I6081


Matches 1 to 50 of 54

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wasem, Maria Christina Dolores  1866-1941Guatemala City, Guatemala I6082
2 Van Blerck, Marinus  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6628
3 Tielemans, Werner  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6687
4 Tielemans, Roberto  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6685
5 Tielemans, Juan Carlos  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6686
6 Spillari, Regina  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6614
7 Schilling, Elsa  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6637
8 Padilla, Crista  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6611
9 Montt, Victoria Pineda  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6506
10 Montano, Marla Olga  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6607
11 Kol  Guatemala City, Guatemala I15166
12 Kandt, Gunther Friedrich Wilhelm  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6298
13 Joerdens, Johann August Friedrich Ludwig  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6713
14 Joerdens, Irmi Christine  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6024
15 Hartleben, Karin  Guatemala City, Guatemala I7756
16 Hartleben, Eberhard Hans Erich  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6092
17 Grant, Rebecca  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6615
18 Gaytan, Grace  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6678
19 Gartner, Michael  Guatemala City, Guatemala I15168
20 Fleischmann, Berta Victoria  Guatemala City, Guatemala I18713
21 Fenton, Frank Charles  Guatemala City, Guatemala I18718
22 Fenton, Bettina Elizabeth  Guatemala City, Guatemala I18719
23 Debroy, Ana  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6676
24 de Sola, Ernesto  Guatemala City, Guatemala I8763
25 Caceres, Amalia  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6254
26 Bock, Juan  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6623
27 Berndt, Ruth Rose  Guatemala City, Guatemala I1075
28 Berkowitz, Joseph Ronald “Rony”  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6070
29 Berkowitz, Isidoro  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6054
30 Barentin, Dorothy Lydia  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6344
31 Bantz, Senta Frida Julia  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6271
32 Ascoli, Dr. Werner Fritz  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6343
33 Ascoli, Suzanne  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6616
34 Ascoli, Stephanie  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6610
35 Ascoli, Samuel  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6714
36 Ascoli, Samuel  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6081
37 Ascoli, Rodolfo Heinrich  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6269
38 Ascoli, Oscar  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6365
39 Ascoli, Melanie  1892-1979Guatemala City, Guatemala I6712
40 Ascoli, Melanie  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6609
41 Ascoli, Marla Regina  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6613
42 Ascoli, Maria Luisa  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6363
43 Ascoli, Kimberely  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6617
44 Ascoli, Karen  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6608
45 Ascoli, Ingeborg Carmen  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6284
46 Ascoli, Hans Eduardo  1914-1996Guatemala City, Guatemala I6253
47 Ascoli, Hanna Senta  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6673
48 Ascoli, Franz  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6366
49 Ascoli, Enrique  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6709
50 Ascoli, Elisa  Guatemala City, Guatemala I6710

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hartleben / Joerdens  11 May 1946Guatemala City, Guatemala F4310
2 Berkowitz / Ascoli  1 Apr 1933Guatemala City, Guatemala F4356
3 Ascoli / Wasem  10 Sep 1882Guatemala City, Guatemala F4348
4 Ascoli / Schilling  Yes - date unknownGuatemala City, Guatemala F4735
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