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Tel Aviv, Israel



City/Town : Latitude: 32.0554, Longitude: 34.7595


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alpert, Yosef  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I11710
2 Deutsch, Shlomo  26 May 1946Tel Aviv, Israel I2176
3 Kasher, Yehoraz  21 Apr 1966Tel Aviv, Israel I12928
4 Klein, Nava  12 Nov 1944Tel Aviv, Israel I2108
5 Manor, Dori  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I3003
6 Manor, Nir  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I3000
7 Pagirsky, Uzi  4 Jan 1935Tel Aviv, Israel I13137
8 Slyper, Amos  13 Nov 1948Tel Aviv, Israel I989
9 Weinstein, Shmuel  1929Tel Aviv, Israel I11488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rachel  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I12068
2 Ascher, Gerhard Gad  11 Nov 1998Tel Aviv, Israel I13795
3 Ascher, Dr. Otto August  22 Dec 1946Tel Aviv, Israel I9934
4 Avivi, Baruch  1992Tel Aviv, Israel I11902
5 Bachmann, Ernst  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I7403
6 Blank, Selma  23 Jul 1950Tel Aviv, Israel I1930
7 Blumenthal, Johanna  20 Aug 1980Tel Aviv, Israel I3212
8 Buchinger, Margit  7 Sep 1992Tel Aviv, Israel I2961
9 Degani, Ori  20 Nov 1998Tel Aviv, Israel I2815
10 Deutsch, Yennoe  7 Feb 1985Tel Aviv, Israel I2196
11 Dinovitch, Aharon  18 Jul 2001Tel Aviv, Israel I12180
12 Egoz, Yisrael  17 Mar 1942Tel Aviv, Israel I12261
13 Egozi, Ofer  31 Mar 2004Tel Aviv, Israel I14125
14 Ehrenberg, Ruth  19 Sep 1998Tel Aviv, Israel I5326
15 Ehrlich, Shandor  7 Sep 1968Tel Aviv, Israel I1597
16 Elazarit, Rachel  3 Mar 1988Tel Aviv, Israel I13753
17 Feinstein, Chaya  1982Tel Aviv, Israel I13215
18 Foerder, Dr. Hermann  19 Sep 1935Tel Aviv, Israel I3291
19 Frank, Johanne  27 Apr 1949Tel Aviv, Israel I5049
20 Friedman, Naftali  4 Oct 1996Tel Aviv, Israel I4243
21 Goldvort, Yaakov  19 Jul 1988Tel Aviv, Israel I11783
22 Halperin, Avraham  14 Feb 1960Tel Aviv, Israel I11454
23 Jaffe, Baruch  6 Nov 1980Tel Aviv, Israel I11602
24 Jaffe, Bezalel  14 Dec 1924Tel Aviv, Israel I12412
25 Jaffe, Daniel  12 Jul 1961Tel Aviv, Israel I12251
26 Jaffe, Mira  1984Tel Aviv, Israel I12430
27 Jaffe, Rachel  19 Apr 1954Tel Aviv, Israel I11452
28 Jaffe, Rabbi Reuven  14 Aug 1919Tel Aviv, Israel I11262
29 Jaffe, Shlomo  5 Jun 1959Tel Aviv, Israel I12416
30 Kevetcher, Malka  5 Oct 1978Tel Aviv, Israel I11603
31 Kirshenzaft, Baruch  31 Mar 1999Tel Aviv, Israel I5288
32 Klein, Edith  1 Mar 1982Tel Aviv, Israel I2164
33 Klein, Michael  21 Mar 1978Tel Aviv, Israel I2086
34 Knoller, Isaac Izzie  18 May 1948Tel Aviv, Israel I5104
35 Kohn, Yisrael  17 Nov 1999Tel Aviv, Israel I2385
36 Kook, Devora  24 Apr 1997Tel Aviv, Israel I10691
37 Kook, Dr. Herzl  2 Mar 1981Tel Aviv, Israel I10545
38 Kook, Shaul Chona  24 Jul 1955Tel Aviv, Israel I10337
39 Leichentritt, Hetti Hedwig  31 May 1976Tel Aviv, Israel I5334
40 Levi, Miriam  20 Sep 1988Tel Aviv, Israel I10692
41 Levin, Leah  17 Mar 2014Tel Aviv, Israel I2097
42 Levy, Ernst  16 Mar 1934Tel Aviv, Israel I963
43 Levy, Kaethe  Oct 1954Tel Aviv, Israel I964
44 Lewy, Edmund (Eliezer)  5 Nov 1964Tel Aviv, Israel I5272
45 Lewy, Louis Yehuda  1 Feb 1950Tel Aviv, Israel I5048
46 Lewy, Zahava Golda  24 Jan 2013Tel Aviv, Israel I5287
47 Livni, Aryeh  17 Sep 1959Tel Aviv, Israel I13167
48 Mainz, Theodor Yaakov  2007Tel Aviv, Israel I4535
49 Mannheimer, Louis  Oct 1949Tel Aviv, Israel I5115
50 Manor, Immanuel  11 Mar 1979Tel Aviv, Israel I5333

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jaffe, Daniel  Tel Aviv, Israel I12251


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Ascher, Gerhard Gad  Jul 1936Tel Aviv, Israel I13795
2 Ascher, Dr. Otto August  Jul 1936Tel Aviv, Israel I9934
3 Blank, Selma  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I1930
4 Buchinger, Leopold  1949Tel Aviv, Israel I2297
5 Buchinger, Margit  1940Tel Aviv, Israel I2961
6 Feinstein, Chaya  Tel Aviv, Israel I13215
7 Halperin, Avraham  Tel Aviv, Israel I11454
8 Jaffe, Daniel  Tel Aviv, Israel I12251
9 Jaffe, Rachel  Tel Aviv, Israel I11452
10 Kahana, Baruch  1935Tel Aviv, Israel I739
11 Kohn, Yisrael  Aug 1939Tel Aviv, Israel I2385
12 Lewy, Edmund (Eliezer)  1932Tel Aviv, Israel I5272
13 Livni, Aryeh  Tel Aviv, Israel I13167
14 Mannheimer, Louis  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I5115
15 Morastsik, Hadassah  Apr 1966Tel Aviv, Israel I13209
16 Perlman, Natalie  Mar 1933Tel Aviv, Israel I5273
17 Rosenbaum, Albert  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I13850
18 Rosenburg, Sam  Feb 1940Tel Aviv, Israel I2984
19 Sidik, Zippora  Aug 1936Tel Aviv, Israel I2396
20 Stern, Rachel  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I11813
21 Tzang, Shmuel  Tel Aviv, Israel I13581
22 Zaks, Mordechai  Yes - date unknownTel Aviv, Israel I11814
23 Zaks, Tzipora  Mar 1925Tel Aviv, Israel I12067


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Edith  Tel Aviv, Israel I3948
2 Rachel  Tel Aviv, Israel I12068
3 Adler, Avraham  Tel Aviv, Israel I3945
4 Ascher, Gerhard Gad  Tel Aviv, Israel I13795
5 Ascher, Dr. Otto August  Tel Aviv, Israel I9934
6 Bachmann, Ernst  Tel Aviv, Israel I7403
7 Blank, Selma  Tel Aviv, Israel I1930
8 Blumenthal, Herman Zvi  Tel Aviv, Israel I2330
9 Blumenthal, Johanna  Tel Aviv, Israel I3212
10 Bracha, Hadas  Tel Aviv, Israel I8379
11 Buchinger, Imre  1938-1956Tel Aviv, Israel I3301
12 Buchinger, Leopold  1949-1956Tel Aviv, Israel I2297
13 Buchinger, Margit  Tel Aviv, Israel I2961
14 Caplan, Betty  Tel Aviv, Israel I10572
15 Degani, Ori  Tel Aviv, Israel I2815
16 Deutsch, Yennoe  1939-1985Tel Aviv, Israel I2196
17 Dinovitch, Aharon  Tel Aviv, Israel I12180
18 Ehrenberg, Ruth  Tel Aviv, Israel I5326
19 Ehrlich, Shandor  1944-1968Tel Aviv, Israel I1597
20 Feinberg, Yaakov  Tel Aviv, Israel I10501
21 Feinstein, Chaya  Tel Aviv, Israel I13215
22 Foerder, Dr. Hermann  Tel Aviv, Israel I3291
23 Frank, Johanne  Tel Aviv, Israel I5049
24 Friedman, Naftali  Tel Aviv, Israel I4243
25 Goldschmidt, Max  Tel Aviv, Israel I3191
26 Goldschmidt, Zvi  Tel Aviv, Israel I3345
27 Goldvort, Yaakov  Tel Aviv, Israel I11783
28 Greeenberg, Devorah  Tel Aviv, Israel I3946
29 Halperin, Avraham  Tel Aviv, Israel I11454
30 Jaffe, Baruch  Tel Aviv, Israel I11602
31 Jaffe, Bezalel  Tel Aviv, Israel I12412
32 Jaffe, Daniel  Tel Aviv, Israel I12251
33 Jaffe, Mira  Tel Aviv, Israel I12430
34 Jaffe, Rachel  Tel Aviv, Israel I11452
35 Jaffe, Shlomo  Tel Aviv, Israel I12416
36 Jaffe Schlesinger, Rabbi Mordechai  Tel Aviv, Israel I12566
37 Kevetcher, Malka  Tel Aviv, Israel I11603
38 Kirshenzaft, Baruch  Tel Aviv, Israel I5288
39 Klein, Edith  1939-1982Tel Aviv, Israel I2164
40 Klein, Michael  1939-1978Tel Aviv, Israel I2086
41 Kohn, Yisrael  1939-1999Tel Aviv, Israel I2385
42 Kook, Devora  Tel Aviv, Israel I10691
43 Kook, Dr. Herzl  Tel Aviv, Israel I10545
44 Kook, Shaul Chona  Tel Aviv, Israel I10337
45 Kurtzig, Arthur  Tel Aviv, Israel I9801
46 Leichentritt, Hetti Hedwig  Tel Aviv, Israel I5334
47 Levin, Leah  1936 to presentTel Aviv, Israel I2097
48 Lewy, Edmund (Eliezer)  Tel Aviv, Israel I5272
49 Lewy, Louis Yehuda  Tel Aviv, Israel I5048
50 Lewy, Rivkah  Tel Aviv, Israel I5274

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Hebrew Death

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Hebrew Death    Person ID 
1 Tzang, Shmuel  2 Tis 5744Tel Aviv, Israel I13581


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kirshenzaft / Lewy  8 Feb 1944Tel Aviv, Israel F1479
2 Klein / Levin  1 Sep 1942Tel Aviv, Israel F888
3 Kohn / Sidik  1942Tel Aviv, Israel F1018
4 Lewy / Ehrenberg  4 Jan 1944Tel Aviv, Israel F1475


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Lewy / Perlman  1944Tel Aviv, Israel F1474
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