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New York, NY, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 40.756054, Longitude: -73.986951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Esther  2 Aug 1881New York, NY, USA I9818
2 Billigheimer, David Leopold  Jun 1849New York, NY, USA I15775
3 Brandon, Inez  16 Sep 1892New York, NY, USA I15210
4 Brandon, Solomon  16 May 1883New York, NY, USA I15213
5 Brandon, Stanley  29 Mar 1889New York, NY, USA I15211
6 Bruckheimer, Alleyne Henry  31 Jul 1897New York, NY, USA I17067
7 Dariff, Seymour Z.  1923New York, NY, USA I7923
8 Davison, Marion Eleanor  7 Oct 1921New York, NY, USA I832
9 Delvalle, Chester Maduro  Jul 1892New York, NY, USA I14155
10 Delvalle, Helen Ellen  Apr 1887New York, NY, USA I14154
11 Delvalle, Kenneth  3 May 1889New York, NY, USA I14156
12 Dokie, Gavrilo Loewenberg  6 Sep 1998New York, NY, USA I15096
13 Donaldson, Austin S.  Sep 1889New York, NY, USA I14161
14 Donaldson, Chester H.  Mar 1862New York, NY, USA I14153
15 Donaldson, Lyn Annie  Dec 1892New York, NY, USA I14162
16 Edelman, Irvin A.  12 Nov 1896New York, NY, USA I10540
17 Eisenmann, Audrey  24 Aug 1911New York, NY, USA I15253
18 Gekow, Joel Ezra  18 Jan 1938New York, NY, USA I2274
19 Gekow, Lana Joy  8 Aug 1971New York, NY, USA I2278
20 Goodman, Claire  New York, NY, USA I11520
21 Goodman, Randy  New York, NY, USA I11522
22 Jacobson, Leopold  Abt 1856New York, NY, USA I15922
23 Jacobson, Meyer  Abt 1859New York, NY, USA I15924
24 Jacobson, Rosetta  Abt 1857New York, NY, USA I15923
25 Jaffe, Paul  3 Aug 1873New York, NY, USA I434
26 Jessurun, Esther De Isaac Gomez  New York, NY, USA I16288
27 Josefo, Henrietta  13 Oct 1913New York, NY, USA I3912
28 Justin, Steven  25 Aug 1961New York, NY, USA I8345
29 Laguna, Adolf  1882New York, NY, USA I17556
30 Laguna, Matilda Rosa  22 Mar 1876New York, NY, USA I16859
31 Laguna, Morris  9 Feb 1871New York, NY, USA I17554
32 Lepoff, Nathan S.  30 Mar 1909New York, NY, USA I4392
33 Lowenstein, Erica  Yes - date unknownNew York, NY, USA I5871
34 Lowenstein, Marcel  Yes - date unknownNew York, NY, USA I5870
35 Matz, Alice H.  2 Dec 1902New York, NY, USA I10536
36 Matz, David  31 May 1908New York, NY, USA I12509
37 Matz, Diana Dolly  10 Oct 1916New York, NY, USA I12492
38 Matz, Ethel  5 Jan 1905New York, NY, USA I10539
39 Matz, Sidney  24 May 1899New York, NY, USA I10600
40 Mendes, Abraham Piza  New York, NY, USA I14219
41 Mendes, Arthur  6 Jun 1883New York, NY, USA I19580
42 Mendes, Fane  9 Mar 1921New York, NY, USA I19594
43 Mendes, Samuel Pereira  New York, NY, USA I14220
44 Meyer, Sondra  27 Jan 1931New York, NY, USA I7962
45 Norton, Harriet V.  24 Jul 1922New York, NY, USA I15989
46 Oettinger, Janet  1912New York, NY, USA I2996
47 Piza  New York, NY, USA I15186
48 Piza  New York, NY, USA I15187
49 Piza  New York, NY, USA I15188
50 Piza, Evaline  1879New York, NY, USA I17515

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Erna  1 Jul 1968New York, NY, USA I8455
2 Esther  26 Oct 1918New York, NY, USA I9818
3 Gerda  1 Oct 1970New York, NY, USA I9266
4 Jeanette F.  29 Apr 1962New York, NY, USA I10433
5 Rina  Yes - date unknownNew York, NY, USA I12400
6 Alkus, Elaine  2 Jan 2006New York, NY, USA I1941
7 Altmann, Mary  1937New York, NY, USA I1257
8 Apfel, Theodor  6 Jun 1904New York, NY, USA I18761
9 Arnim, Clara (Kitten) Mary Emma von  15 Oct 1962New York, NY, USA I9497
10 Ascoli, Max  1979New York, NY, USA I6594
11 Azancot, Alia  3 Nov 1987New York, NY, USA I1698
12 Bacharach, Bertha  29 Feb 1948New York, NY, USA I2200
13 Balan, Jan John  31 Jan 2013New York, NY, USA I8292
14 Berk, Harold  23 Nov 2007New York, NY, USA I4157
15 Biel, Freiherr Carl H e i n r i c h von  18 Apr 1958New York, NY, USA I9514
16 Billings, Lee Workum  Feb 1969New York, NY, USA I15618
17 Bloch, Dora Treinla  11 Jan 1947New York, NY, USA I18282
18 Blum, Siegmund  1 Feb 1977New York, NY, USA I2062
19 Brandon, Blanche  Abt 1890New York, NY, USA I9904
20 Brandon, Hanna Anita  12 Sep 1935New York, NY, USA I10051
21 Brandon, Inez  24 Aug 1991New York, NY, USA I15210
22 Brandon, Isaac Jacob  27 Jul 1924New York, NY, USA I5472
23 Buchdahl, Julius  29 Sep 1953New York, NY, USA I2767
24 Buchinger, Boeschke Bayla  18 Feb 2000New York, NY, USA I3368
25 Buchinger, Frederic  20 Sep 1958New York, NY, USA I3379
26 Buchinger, Leopold  27 Nov 1997New York, NY, USA I2297
27 Buchinger, Yishai  6 Feb 2000New York, NY, USA I3547
28 Burnham, Moses Ezekiel Roy  Aft 1942New York, NY, USA I15789
29 Dariff, Seymour Z.  Feb 1959New York, NY, USA I7923
30 de Sola, Aaron David Meldola  29 Apr 1918New York, NY, USA I19610
31 de Sola, Rabbi Abraham  5 Jun 1882New York, NY, USA I19573
32 de Sola, Anita  1960New York, NY, USA I17709
33 Delvalle, Hanna  1935New York, NY, USA I14177
34 Dokie, Gavrilo Loewenberg  15 Oct 1998New York, NY, USA I15096
35 Donaldson, Chester H.  Yes - date unknownNew York, NY, USA I14153
36 Eichenberg, Annemarie  1 Feb 1972New York, NY, USA I407
37 Eisenmann, Eugene  17 Oct 1981New York, NY, USA I15256
38 Ezekiel, Rebecca J.  Aft 1900New York, NY, USA I15653
39 Fidanque, Benjamin Delvalle  23 Feb 1937New York, NY, USA I9745
40 Fidanque, Morris Benjamin  17 Jan 1966New York, NY, USA I15229
41 Fidanque, Rebecca  11 Oct 1947New York, NY, USA I9746
42 Fleischmann, Camilla  9 Jun 1895New York, NY, USA I18760
43 Frank, Helene  20 Jul 1971New York, NY, USA I5330
44 Frank, Paula  9 Jul 1978New York, NY, USA I819
45 Freudenthal, Paula  Feb 1972New York, NY, USA I14935
46 Friedman, Julius  18 Jun 1948New York, NY, USA I2490
47 Furrer, Barbara  2 Jun 2006New York, NY, USA I11519
48 Gekow, Joel Ezra  15 Nov 1992New York, NY, USA I2274
49 Gekow, Lana Joy  12 Jan 1975New York, NY, USA I2278
50 Goldfein, Sonja  19 Mar 1985New York, NY, USA I3046

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Matz, Sidney  New York, NY, USA I10600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Betina  24 Oct 1938New York, NY, USA I3691
2 Erna  New York, NY, USA I8455
3 Erna  28 Aug 1938New York, NY, USA I6163
4 Gerda  7 Mar 1940New York, NY, USA I9266
5 Gretchen  27 Oct 1938New York, NY, USA I7671
6 Senta  29 Aug 1938New York, NY, USA I8126
7 Aaron, Ruth  11 Jan 1939New York, NY, USA I14001
8 Abel, Anneliese  8 Oct 1938New York, NY, USA I1701
9 Altmann, Mary  15 Oct 1933New York, NY, USA I1257
10 Aronstein, Sarah  22 May 1941New York, NY, USA I2129
11 Askenasy, Karl Herbert Carlos  7 Feb 1935New York, NY, USA I5635
12 Auerbach, Dr. Ludwig  8 Oct 1938New York, NY, USA I3985
13 Bacharach, Bertha  21 Jun 1940New York, NY, USA I2200
14 Bacharach, Johanna  31 Jul 1938New York, NY, USA I3812
15 Backman, Werner  6 Jan 1938New York, NY, USA I2307
16 Balan, Jan John  23 Apr 1948New York, NY, USA I8292
17 Balan, Shandor Alexander  23 Apr 1948New York, NY, USA I8291
18 Barentin, Dorothy Lydia  15 Oct 1936New York, NY, USA I6344
19 Bergson, Peter  1939New York, NY, USA I10571
20 Bergson, Peter  1951New York, NY, USA I10571
21 Berlin, Herbert  21 Feb 1951New York, NY, USA I2904
22 Bing, Ann (Anneliese)  28 Aug 1938New York, NY, USA I1595
23 Bing, Ernst  20 Aug 1938New York, NY, USA I5463
24 Biske, Hella  29 May 1941New York, NY, USA I2261
25 Bloch, Dora Treinla  23 Jun 1941New York, NY, USA I18282
26 Blum, Siegmund  25 Nov 1938New York, NY, USA I2062
27 Brandon, Hanna Anita  New York, NY, USA I10051
28 Brandon, Isaac Jacob  Yes - date unknownNew York, NY, USA I5472
29 Brauer, Marie  11 Jun 1934New York, NY, USA I15817
30 Brauer, William Wallace  28 Dec 1919New York, NY, USA I15750
31 Bruck, Dr. Erika  16 Oct 1939New York, NY, USA I15266
32 Bruell, Nellie “Omi” Hortense  11 Jun 1937New York, NY, USA I5666
33 Buchdahl, Julius  5 Dec 1939New York, NY, USA I2767
34 Buchinger, Boeschke Bayla  21 Oct 1940New York, NY, USA I3368
35 Buchinger, Frederic  31 Oct 1939New York, NY, USA I3379
36 Buchinger, Imre Amram  31 Aug 1956New York, NY, USA I3301
37 Buchinger, Leopold  1956New York, NY, USA I2297
38 Buchinger, Yishai  21 Oct 1940New York, NY, USA I3547
39 Cecchetti, Giovanni  20 Jan 1948New York, NY, USA I2548
40 da Fonseca, Rebecca Lopez  1874New York, NY, USA I8697
41 Danielsohn, Eva  6 Apr 1948New York, NY, USA I4751
42 Dannenberg, Anne Doris  13 Jul 1941New York, NY, USA I2487
43 Dannenberg, Dr Bertha  7 Jan 1936New York, NY, USA I2519
44 Dannenberg, Bettina  18 Mar 1938New York, NY, USA I14899
45 Dannenberg, Dr Elsbeth  19 Mar 1937New York, NY, USA I2524
46 Dannenberg, Gerson  27 Aug 1881New York, NY, USA I2461
47 Dannenberg, Grete  3 Oct 1940New York, NY, USA I2526
48 Dannenberg, Hans  26 Sep 1937New York, NY, USA I2528
49 de Castro, Rebecca  New York, NY, USA I15662
50 de Sola, Anita  New York, NY, USA I17709

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dorothy  New York, NY, USA I18658
2 Erna  New York, NY, USA I8455
3 Erna  New York, NY, USA I6163
4 Esther  1881-1918New York, NY, USA I9818
5 Gerda  1940-1970New York, NY, USA I9266
6 Paula  New York, NY, USA I4416
7 UNNAMED  New York, NY, USA I3894
8 Adler, Wolfi  New York, NY, USA I4307
9 Alkus, Elaine  New York, NY, USA I1941
10 Altmann, Mary  New York, NY, USA I1257
11 Apfel, Theodor  New York, NY, USA I18761
12 Aronstein, Berthold  New York, NY, USA I9796
13 Ascoli, Max  New York, NY, USA I6594
14 Askenasy, Karl Herbert Carlos  New York, NY, USA I5635
15 Azancot, Alia  New York, NY, USA I1698
16 Bacharach, Bertha  New York, NY, USA I2200
17 Balan, Jan John  1948 to presentNew York, NY, USA I8292
18 Balan, Shandor Alexander  1948-1967New York, NY, USA I8291
19 Bergson, Peter  1939-1948New York, NY, USA I10571
20 Bergson, Peter  1951-1968New York, NY, USA I10571
21 Berk, Harold  New York, NY, USA I4157
22 Berman, Dorothy B. (Dottie)  1941-1945New York, NY, USA I7899
23 Bing, Ernst  New York, NY, USA I5463
24 Blascoe, Walter Paul  New York, NY, USA I1639
25 Blau, Rabbi Yosef  New York, NY, USA I13029
26 Bloch, Dora Treinla  New York, NY, USA I18282
27 Blum, Siegmund  1938-1977New York, NY, USA I2062
28 Brandon, Claude Ralph  New York, NY, USA I15248
29 Brandon, David Robert  New York, NY, USA I15250
30 Brandon, Gerald  New York, NY, USA I15249
31 Brandon, Inez  New York, NY, USA I15210
32 Brandon, Isaac Jacob  New York, NY, USA I5472
33 Brandon, Solomon  New York, NY, USA I15213
34 Brandon, Stanley  New York, NY, USA I15211
35 Brauer, Marie  New York, NY, USA I15817
36 Bruckheimer, Alleyne Henry  New York, NY, USA I17067
37 Buchdahl, Julius  1939-1953New York, NY, USA I2767
38 Buchinger, Boeschke Bayla  New York, NY, USA I3368
39 Buchinger, Frederic  New York, NY, USA I3379
40 Buchinger, Leopold  New York, NY, USA I2297
41 Buchinger, Leopold  1997New York, NY, USA I2297
42 Buchinger, Yishai  New York, NY, USA I3547
43 Burnheim, Arthur Stern  1918New York, NY, USA I16002
44 da Fonseca, Rebecca Lopez  New York, NY, USA I8697
45 Dannenberg, Dr. Lieselotte Joan  New York, NY, USA I2489
46 Davison, Erwin Hart  New York, NY, USA I831
47 de Castro, Rebecca  1860New York, NY, USA I15662
48 de Sola, Anita  New York, NY, USA I17709
49 Delvalle, Chester Maduro  New York, NY, USA I14155
50 Delvalle, Hanna  New York, NY, USA I14177

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Knoller, Jacob  4 Jan 1951New York, NY, USA I3906
2 Levitan, Rabbi Osher Nissan  7 May 1934New York, NY, USA I11817
3 Rapaport, Yocheved Hinda  1 Feb 1943New York, NY, USA I11816


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Billings / Johnson  Abt 1911New York, NY, USA F11223
2 Boas / Reis  11 Jan 1954New York, NY, USA F3
3 Bruckheimer / Laguna  19 Apr 1896New York, NY, USA F11658
4 de Sola / Maduro  20 Sep 1903New York, NY, USA F5471
5 Delvalle / Maduro  23 Jun 1886New York, NY, USA F10113
6 Edelman / Matz  14 Jul 1925New York, NY, USA F7392
7 Eichenberg / Perez  1942New York, NY, USA F87
8 Fidanque / Brandon  8 Nov 1911New York, NY, USA F10904
9 Fidanque / Newman  16 Sep 1940New York, NY, USA F10920
10 Gekow / Michaelis  Sep 1967New York, NY, USA F968
11 Halstead / Bing  26 May 1940New York, NY, USA F759
12 Hirschfeld / Hirschfeld  20 Dec 1956New York, NY, USA F283
13 Jaffe / Marks  18 Oct 1871New York, NY, USA F158
14 Kastan / Marx  19 Oct 1961New York, NY, USA F1220
15 Katz / Kent  Abt 1950New York, NY, USA F1454
16 Kristeller / Lewinnek  20 Jun 1940New York, NY, USA F2486
17 Kunst / Blacher  26 Dec 1916New York, NY, USA F5624
18 Laguna / Hanover  21 Jan 1899New York, NY, USA F12573
19 Laguna / Lowenstein  23 Jan 1870New York, NY, USA F11654
20 Matz / Goldberg  12 Jan 1907New York, NY, USA F7873
21 Meyerhoff / Kauffmann  11 Oct 1944New York, NY, USA F89
22 Meyerhoff / Weissmann  31 Oct 1935New York, NY, USA F1519
23 Mosevius / Lewy  28 Mar 1948New York, NY, USA F13100
24 Mosevius / Lindenmann  12 Jun 1969New York, NY, USA F13101
25 Muller / Askenasy  Yes - date unknown 1925New York, NY, USA F4012
26 Piza / Lindo  New York, NY, USA F10164
27 Steinhardt / Mendes  10 Apr 1907New York, NY, USA F14022
28 Stiles / Davison  22 Feb 1947New York, NY, USA F465
29 Thurnauer / Oettinger  20 Jun 1935New York, NY, USA F320
30 Van Voorhees / Arias  4 Jun 1983New York, NY, USA F12166
31 Warschawski / Kayser  1946New York, NY, USA F276


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Eichenberg / Perez  Abt 1952New York, NY, USA F87

Common Law

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Common Law    Family ID 
1 Balan / Radding  1969New York, NY, USA F5883
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