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Altona, Germany



Address : Latitude: 53.2296976, Longitude: 11.4392364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Warburg, Simon Elias  1760Altona, Germany I18474
2 Warburg, Salomon Moses  17 Aug 1747Altona, Germany I6010
3 Warburg, Jette Henriette  8 Jan 1799Altona, Germany I5487
4 Warburg, Elias Samuel  1729Altona, Germany I18473
5 Waldstein, Mary  28 Aug 1903Altona, Germany I3821
6 Waldstein, Charlotte Renate  4 May 1913Altona, Germany I2573
7 Segal, Eisick  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany I5361
8 Robinow, Nora Maria  Yes - date unknown 1914Altona, Germany I4295
9 Namias, Lea  1688Altona, Germany I22
10 Mussaphia Fidalgo, Ribca de Abraham  26 May 1791Altona, Germany I7637
11 Luria de Lemos, Benjamin  19 Sep 1830Altona, Germany I7120
12 Luria de Lemos, Aaron  4 May 1827Altona, Germany I7116
13 Luria de Lemos, Aaron  1754Altona, Germany I18642
14 Luria, Hana  31 May 1756Altona, Germany I17742
15 Luria, Gabriel  26 Oct 1750Altona, Germany I17739
16 Lopes, Jonatan  3 Sep 1784Altona, Germany I1545
17 Lopes, Debora de Abraham Fernandes  5 Oct 1779Altona, Germany I4963
18 Jaffe, Pauline  31 Jan 1849Altona, Germany I4959
19 Jaffe, Sir Otto Moses  1846Altona, Germany I5255
20 Israel, Elias de Semuel  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany I7640
21 Hildesheim, Moses  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany I8774
22 Hildesheim, David Moses  1772Altona, Germany I8769
23 Heilbut, Klugchen  1754Altona, Germany I8775
24 Hannover, Rabbi Sanwil  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany I4984
25 Hannover, Dorchen  1778Altona, Germany I140
26 da Fonseca, Simha  4 Jan 1769Altona, Germany I7643
27 da Fonseca, Dr. Joseph Hizkiyahu Lumbrozo de Mattos  Abt 1730Altona, Germany I5537
28 Benveniste (De Lemos), Sara Zilia  12 Mar 1851Altona, Germany I7166
29 Benveniste (De Lemos), Sara Zilia  1 Sep 1842Altona, Germany I7158
30 Benveniste (De Lemos), Samuel Haim  11 Apr 1852Altona, Germany I7162
31 Benveniste (De Lemos), Samuel  12 Dec 1848Altona, Germany I7167
32 Benveniste (De Lemos), Ribca  29 Sep 1854Altona, Germany I7169
33 Benveniste (De Lemos), Ribca  27 Oct 1820Altona, Germany I4961
34 Benveniste (De Lemos), Rahel  14 Aug 1819Altona, Germany I3073
35 Benveniste (De Lemos), Dr. Moses Abraham  1715Altona, Germany I5355
36 Benveniste (De Lemos), Moses (Jacob)  15 Aug 1808Altona, Germany I7156
37 Benveniste (De Lemos), Michael  5 Aug 1853Altona, Germany I7168
38 Benveniste (De Lemos), Lea  8 Feb 1764Altona, Germany I3068
39 Benveniste (De Lemos), Jacob  28 Dec 1849Altona, Germany I7164
40 Benveniste (De Lemos), Henriette  5 Sep 1764Altona, Germany I5358
41 Benveniste (De Lemos), Hana Ester  7 May 1847Altona, Germany I7161
42 Benveniste (De Lemos), Gracia  21 Oct 1845Altona, Germany I7160
43 Benveniste (De Lemos), Gracia  21 Aug 1818Altona, Germany I3072
44 Benveniste (De Lemos), Gracia  9 Sep 1806Altona, Germany I7155
45 Benveniste (De Lemos), Ester  3 Jun 1766Altona, Germany I3069
46 Benveniste (De Lemos), David Chaim  19 Jun 1768Altona, Germany I4962
47 Benveniste (De Lemos), Angela  21 Feb 1844Altona, Germany I7159
48 Benveniste (De Lemos), Abraham  1681Altona, Germany I18
49 Baruch, Hanah  24 Aug 1772Altona, Germany I6147
50 Baruch, Eliyahu Israel  27 Aug 1776Altona, Germany I5

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Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Warburg, Samuel Moses  18 Apr 1759Altona, Germany I18471
2 Warburg, Samuel "Frankfurter"  18 Apr 1759Altona, Germany I8931
3 Warburg, Salomon Moses  2 Apr 1824Altona, Germany I6010
4 Warburg, Moses "Frankfurter"  24 Jan 1753Altona, Germany I8794
5 Warburg, Moses  28 May 1701Altona, Germany I8933
6 Warburg, Jacob Samuel  28 May 1668Altona, Germany I8934
7 Warburg, Elias Samuel  4 Jan 1805Altona, Germany I18473
8 Viguevano, Rahel  29 Feb 1804Altona, Germany I14380
9 Sarfati (De Pina), Gracia de Aron de Semuel  17 Oct 1790Altona, Germany I5357
10 Pardo, Sara de Jacob de Aron  23 Jun 1898Altona, Germany I7157
11 Mussaphia Fidalgo, Ribca de Abraham  18 Jan 1847Altona, Germany I7637
12 Mussaphia Fidalgo, Abraham  1802Altona, Germany I16990
13 Luria de Lemos, Joseph  26 Jun 1839Altona, Germany I6523
14 Luria de Lemos, Aaron  10 Feb 1864Altona, Germany I7116
15 Luria de Lemos, Aaron  1787Altona, Germany I18642
16 Luria, Hana  22 May 1841Altona, Germany I17742
17 Luria, Gabriel  28 Aug 1803Altona, Germany I17739
18 Lopes, Debora de Abraham Fernandes  27 Aug 1846Altona, Germany I4963
19 Lopes, Abraham Fernandes  18 Oct 1785Altona, Germany I4
20 Jaffe, Rabbi Jesaja Rabbi  1773Altona, Germany I4886
21 Israel, Sara de Semuel de Eliau  8 Dec 1833Altona, Germany I6014
22 Israel, Ester  10 Mar 1777Altona, Germany I17743
23 Israel, David de H.H.R. Imanuel  26 Apr 1749Altona, Germany I7176
24 Heilbut, Klugchen  1823Altona, Germany I8775
25 Delmonte, Jacob  21 Oct 1831Altona, Germany I14379
26 de Mattos, Moses Lombroso  1704Altona, Germany I16800
27 da Fonseca, Rahel  5 Mar 1753Altona, Germany I7175
28 da Fonseca, Dr. Joseph Hizkiyahu Lumbrozo de Mattos  30 Dec 1803Altona, Germany I5537
29 da Fonseca, Ester  17 Sep 1717Altona, Germany I7173
30 Brandon, Jonathan Israel  2 Jan 1800Altona, Germany I10
31 Benveniste (De Lemos), Sara Zilia  29 May 1850Altona, Germany I7158
32 Benveniste (De Lemos), Samuel  12 Sep 1849Altona, Germany I7167
33 Benveniste (De Lemos), Samuel  10 Oct 1847Altona, Germany I3066
34 Benveniste (De Lemos), Ribca  1 Mar 1868Altona, Germany I7169
35 Benveniste (De Lemos), Ribca  30 Jan 1840Altona, Germany I5009
36 Benveniste (De Lemos), Moses (Jacob)  21 May 1855Altona, Germany I7156
37 Benveniste (De Lemos), Lea  1 Jun 1808Altona, Germany I3068
38 Benveniste (De Lemos), Hana Ester  24 Aug 1848Altona, Germany I7161
39 Benveniste (De Lemos), Gracia  28 Feb 1875Altona, Germany I7155
40 Benveniste (De Lemos), Gracia  26 Jul 1846Altona, Germany I7160
41 Benveniste (De Lemos), David Chaim  31 Dec 1826Altona, Germany I4962
42 Benveniste (De Lemos), Binjamin  13 Mar 1836Altona, Germany I5041
43 Benveniste (De Lemos), Angela  26 Aug 1858Altona, Germany I7159
44 Benveniste (De Lemos), Abraham Ben Jacob  7 Mar 1760Altona, Germany I16
45 Benveniste (De Lemos), Abraham  18 Mar 1759Altona, Germany I18
46 Baruch, Eliyahu Israel  7 Jan 1813Altona, Germany I5
47 Abigail, Hana Ester  16 Feb 1828Altona, Germany I9921


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 da Costa, Angellina/Angela De Michael De Joseph Nehemias  1847Altona, Germany I8964


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Lopes, Abraham Fernandes  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany I4
2 Benveniste (De Lemos), Binjamin  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany I5041


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Warburg, Simon Elias  Altona, Germany I18474
2 Warburg, Samuel Moses  Altona, Germany I18471
3 Warburg, Samuel "Frankfurter"  Altona, Germany I8931
4 Warburg, Salomon Moses  1747-1824Altona, Germany I6010
5 Warburg, Moses "Frankfurter"  Altona, Germany I8794
6 Warburg, Moses  Altona, Germany I8933
7 Warburg, Jacob Samuel  Altona, Germany I8934
8 Warburg, Elias Samuel  Altona, Germany I18473
9 Waldstein, Mary  Altona, Germany I3821
10 Viguevano, Rahel  Altona, Germany I14380
11 Segal, Eisick  Altona, Germany I5361
12 Sarfati (De Pina), Gracia de Aron de Semuel  Altona, Germany I5357
13 Robinow, Nora Maria  Altona, Germany I4295
14 Pardo, Sara de Jacob de Aron  Altona, Germany I7157
15 Neuhaus, Ida de Jacob Levi  Altona, Germany I7165
16 Namias, Lea  Altona, Germany I22
17 Mussaphia Fidalgo, Ribca de Abraham  Altona, Germany I7637
18 Mussaphia Fidalgo, Abraham  Altona, Germany I16990
19 Luria de Lemos, Joseph Hiskiyahu  Altona, Germany I17741
20 Luria de Lemos, Joseph  Altona, Germany I6523
21 Luria de Lemos, Aaron  Altona, Germany I18642
22 Luria, Hana  Altona, Germany I17742
23 Luria, Gabriel  Altona, Germany I17739
24 Luria, Essie Esther  Altona, Germany I7634
25 Lopes, Debora de Abraham Fernandes  1779-1846Altona, Germany I4963
26 Lopes, Abraham Fernandes  Altona, Germany I4
27 Jaffe, Rabbi Jesaja Rabbi  Altona, Germany I4886
28 Israel, Ester  Altona, Germany I17743
29 Israel, David de H.H.R. Imanuel  Altona, Germany I7176
30 Hildesheim, Moses  Altona, Germany I8774
31 Heilbut, Klugchen  Altona, Germany I8775
32 Heckscher, Menachem Man  Altona, Germany I144
33 Hannover, Rabbi Sanwil  Altona, Germany I4984
34 Hannover, Golda  Altona, Germany I142
35 Hannover, Dorchen  Altona, Germany I140
36 Delmonte, Jacob  Altona, Germany I14379
37 de Mattos, Moses Lombroso  Altona, Germany I16800
38 da Fonseca, Simha  Altona, Germany I7643
39 da Fonseca, Rahel  Altona, Germany I7175
40 da Fonseca, Dr. Joseph Hizkiyahu Lumbrozo de Mattos  Altona, Germany I5537
41 da Fonseca, Hana de David Haim  Altona, Germany I7642
42 da Fonseca, Ester  Altona, Germany I7173
43 Bravo, Sara  Altona, Germany I14381
44 Brandon, Jonathan Israel  Altona, Germany I10
45 Brandon, David Israel  Altona, Germany I6213
46 Benveniste (De Lemos), Sara Zilia  1842-1850Altona, Germany I7158
47 Benveniste (De Lemos), Sara Zilia  Altona, Germany I7166
48 Benveniste (De Lemos), Samuel Haim  Altona, Germany I7162
49 Benveniste (De Lemos), Samuel  Altona, Germany I7167
50 Benveniste (De Lemos), Samuel  Altona, Germany I3066

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Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Warburg / Wagner  22 Jun 1746Altona, Germany F6339
2 Senior / da Fonseca  7 Sep 1707Altona, Germany F5104
3 Luria de Lemos / Mussaphia Fidalgo  19 Mar 1817Altona, Germany F5439
4 Luria de Lemos / Israel  6 May 1749Altona, Germany F12708
5 Jaffe / Benveniste (De Lemos)  1841Altona, Germany F1464
6 Israel / da Fonseca  7 Mar 1712Altona, Germany F5105
7 Israel / Baruch  28 May 1789Altona, Germany F4412
8 Heckscher / Hannover  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany F58
9 Elb / Jaffe  Yes - date unknownAltona, Germany F4127
10 Delmonte / Bravo  18 Jan 1807Altona, Germany F10275
11 da Fonseca / da Fonseca  15 Sep 1756Altona, Germany F3965
12 da Fonseca / da Fonseca  29 Dec 1723Altona, Germany F5102
13 Benveniste (De Lemos) / Pardo  8 Jun 1842Altona, Germany F5090
14 Benveniste (De Lemos) / Neuhaus  27 Dec 1879Altona, Germany F5097
15 Benveniste (De Lemos) / Lopes  9 Nov 1817Altona, Germany F1465
16 Benveniste (De Lemos) / Delmonte  22 Dec 1805Altona, Germany F3005
17 Benveniste (De Lemos) / Benveniste (De Lemos)  6 Aug 1809Altona, Germany F1733
18 Benveniste (De Lemos) / Abigail  11 Feb 1819Altona, Germany F10178
19 Baruch / Lopes  4 Mar 1801Altona, Germany F6
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