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New York, NY, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 40.756054, Longitude: -73.986951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
151 Krug, Lucie  7 Jul 1938New York, NY, USA I266
152 Laguna, Bernhard  1869New York, NY, USA I16845
153 Lapidus, Melitta  14 Jan 1942New York, NY, USA I3517
154 Lenz, Klara  13 Oct 1937New York, NY, USA I2255
155 Levisohn, Ludwig Curt  23 Apr 1946New York, NY, USA I5775
156 Levy, Ruth  5 Jan 1953New York, NY, USA I1000
157 Levy, Siegfried  5 May 1941New York, NY, USA I961
158 Lewinnek, Dr. Edith Lind  4 Nov 1938New York, NY, USA I18720
159 Lewis, Herman  New York, NY, USA I8308
160 Lewis, Dr Reinhard  7 Jan 1936New York, NY, USA I2520
161 Lewishon, Arthur  1939New York, NY, USA I3111
162 Lewy, Frank  24 May 1945New York, NY, USA I5060
163 Lewy, Hanna Herta  2 Sep 1937New York, NY, USA I624
164 Lewy, Immanuel  24 May 1945New York, NY, USA I5329
165 Lewy, Rudolf (Rudi)  27 Feb 1939New York, NY, USA I5331
166 Lindo, Col. Richard J.  New York, NY, USA I17362
167 Loewenthal, Kathe  18 Mar 1940New York, NY, USA I2569
168 Lowensohn, Ida  29 Sep 1939New York, NY, USA I567
169 Maduro, Avelyn  New York, NY, USA I14157
170 Maduro, Edith  Yes - date unknownNew York, NY, USA I14152
171 Manasse, Hans  21 Sep 1947New York, NY, USA I4763
172 Marcus, Ida  21 Oct 1938New York, NY, USA I2730
173 Marcus, Mathilde “Tilly”  14 Oct 1892New York, NY, USA I491
174 Marx, Erna  New York, NY, USA I3250
175 Mashke, Doron (Don)  5 Jan 1953New York, NY, USA I1004
176 Mashke, Henry Heinrich  5 Jan 1953New York, NY, USA I1003
177 Matz, Yisrael  1 Jun 1890New York, NY, USA I10534
178 May, Herbert  14 Sep 1937New York, NY, USA I2743
179 May, Martha  17 Sep 1940New York, NY, USA I2709
180 Mayer, Henry (Heinz) David  22 Feb 1940New York, NY, USA I14002
181 Mendelson, Hertha  24 Jan 1943New York, NY, USA I3464
182 Mendelson, Dr. Ludwig Hans  8 Dec 1936New York, NY, USA I3462
183 Mendes, Rabbi Henry Pereira  1877New York, NY, USA I14215
184 Meyerhoff, Hans  24 Aug 1934New York, NY, USA I4922
185 Meyerhoff, Dr. Julius  11 May 1937New York, NY, USA I2995
186 Meyerhoff, Kurt Heinz Dr  7 Dec 1934New York, NY, USA I3952
187 Michaelis, Arthur  29 May 1941New York, NY, USA I2266
188 Michaelis, Edgar  23 Dec 1935New York, NY, USA I2279
189 Michaelis, George  29 May 1941New York, NY, USA I2262
190 Michaelis, Lothar  5 Jul 1934New York, NY, USA I2254
191 Michaelis, Walter  29 May 1941New York, NY, USA I2260
192 Mielzynski, Herta  8 Dec 1936New York, NY, USA I3463
193 Minor, Nellie  28 Dec 1919New York, NY, USA I15792
194 Mitteldorfer, Flora V.  19 Jul 1935New York, NY, USA I15940
195 Mosevius, Ernst (Leib Shlomo)  23 Jun 1941New York, NY, USA I18278
196 Mosevius, Marianne  27 Oct 1943New York, NY, USA I18294
197 Mosevius, Max  1 May 1896New York, NY, USA I18314
198 Nagel, Nina  13 Jul 1952New York, NY, USA I8296
199 Naphtali, Lisbeth (Liesel)  5 May 1941New York, NY, USA I962
200 Nordhauser, Fritz  31 Jul 1938New York, NY, USA I2338

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Matches 151 to 200 of 239

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
151 Lewinnek, Dr. Edith Lind  1938-1992New York, NY, USA I18720
152 Lewy, David  New York, NY, USA I4944
153 Lewy, Frank  New York, NY, USA I5060
154 Lewy, Gerda (Lang)  New York, NY, USA I18288
155 Lewy, Hanna Herta  New York, NY, USA I624
156 Lewy, Immanuel  1945-1970New York, NY, USA I5329
157 Lewy, Rudolf (Rudi)  New York, NY, USA I5331
158 Lichtenstein, Gertrud  New York, NY, USA I3263
159 Lindenmann, Johanna (Hanni)  New York, NY, USA I18289
160 Lowenstein, Erica  New York, NY, USA I5871
161 Lowenstein, Marcel  New York, NY, USA I5870
162 Maduro, Avelyn  New York, NY, USA I14157
163 Maduro, Edith  New York, NY, USA I14152
164 Maduro, Judith  New York, NY, USA I7473
165 Marks, Henrietta Nenny  New York, NY, USA I432
166 Marx, Erna  New York, NY, USA I3250
167 Matz, Alice H.  New York, NY, USA I10536
168 Matz, David  New York, NY, USA I12509
169 Meckler, Austin M.  New York, NY, USA I15815
170 Mendes, Abraham Piza  New York, NY, USA I14219
171 Mendes, Arthur  New York, NY, USA I19580
172 Mendes, Rabbi Frederick de Sola  New York, NY, USA I19576
173 Mendes, Rabbi Henry Pereira  1877-1937New York, NY, USA I14215
174 Mendes, Samuel Pereira  New York, NY, USA I14220
175 Meyerhoff, Hans  New York, NY, USA I4922
176 Morgan, Thomas B.  New York, NY, USA I13230
177 Mosevius, Ernst (Leib Shlomo)  New York, NY, USA I18278
178 Mosevius, Marianne  1943-1975New York, NY, USA I18294
179 Mosevius, Max  New York, NY, USA I18314
180 Naranjo, Mercedes Ernestine  New York, NY, USA I15246
181 Oettinger, Fritz Wilhelm  New York, NY, USA I2997
182 Oettinger, Janet  New York, NY, USA I2996
183 Oettinger, Ruth  New York, NY, USA I10141
184 Ollendorf, Ilse  New York, NY, USA I3520
185 Ostwald, Martin  1951-1960New York, NY, USA I957
186 Pepkowitz, Mildred M.  New York, NY, USA I12808
187 Perez, Sara  New York, NY, USA I1493
188 Piza, Benvenida  New York, NY, USA I8711
189 Piza, David  New York, NY, USA I15177
190 Piza, Evaline  New York, NY, USA I17515
191 Piza, Hannah  New York, NY, USA I15178
192 Piza, Joshua  New York, NY, USA I14211
193 Piza, Judith  New York, NY, USA I8699
194 Piza, Moses  New York, NY, USA I8665
195 Piza, Rachel  New York, NY, USA I10052
196 Piza, Rachel  New York, NY, USA I8706
197 Piza, Rosalie Rebecca  1881-1953New York, NY, USA I14212
198 Rabinovitch, Deborah Marion  New York, NY, USA I12812
199 Rabow, Gerald  New York, NY, USA I2625
200 Radding, Ann  New York, NY, USA I8294

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